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Video Marketing for Local Businesses: YouTube ads could be the answer for your business

Last week we talked about TV, this week we’re going to cover YouTube ads and why they might be huge for your business.

Remember those days when everyone huddled around the television for their evening entertainment? Well, times have changed. Today, countless people, young and old alike, are glued to their devices, devouring videos on YouTube.

But what if I told you this platform, filled with everything from cooking tutorials to travel vlogs, could be a goldmine for your business?

Here’s why YouTube ads deserve a spot in your marketing toolbox

A massive audience at your fingertips: Imagine this: billions of potential customers logging onto YouTube every single day.

That’s a staggering number, all waiting to be introduced to your business. It’s like having a bustling marketplace at your fingertips, but instead of shouting your wares, you can create a captivating video ad that catches their eye.

Attention-grabbing power: Unlike traditional ads that might get skipped over in a newspaper or lost in the radio static, YouTube ads are inherently engaging. People actively seek out videos, making them more receptive to your message. Think of it like having a captive audience at a local fair, eager to see what you have to offer.

Laser-focused targeting: Remember the days of mass advertising, hoping someone interested might see your flyer?

YouTube ads are far more precise. You can target your ideal customer based on demographics like age, location, and even interests. It’s like having a friendly usher at the fair, guiding the right people to your booth.

Two powerful ad formats

Pre-Roll Ads: The Quick Intro: These short bursts of information appear before a video starts, perfect for grabbing attention with a

catchy message or a funny skit. Think of them as a captivating storefront window display that entices people to step inside.

Mid-Roll Ads: Deeper Dives: For longer videos, mid-roll ads appear midway through, when viewers are already engaged with the content. This gives you more time to tell a compelling story, showcase your product’s features, or introduce your brand’s unique personality. Imagine a friendly salesperson at the fair, offering a personalized demonstration just as someone expresses interest.

Crafting winning videos

The key to success? Great storytelling! Keep it concise, under 20 seconds for pre-rolls and under 60 seconds for mid-rolls. Think of it like an elevator pitch – you need to capture their attention and deliver your message quickly and effectively.

Invest in good visuals and sound to make a professional impression. Remember, you’re competing with professionally produced content, so a polished video goes a long way. Most importantly, tell a story. Hook viewers with a clear message about how your product or service can solve their problems or improve their lives.

Tracking your success

The beauty of YouTube ads is that they’re measurable. You can track views, clicks on your website, and even conversions (think sales or phone calls). This valuable data lets you see what’s working and what’s not, allowing you to continuously refine your ads for maximum impact.

The takeaway

YouTube ads are a powerful tool for any business owner looking to expand their reach, build brand loyalty, and ultimately grow their bottom line. So why not give it a try?

However, creating high-quality video ads and managing complex targeting options can be time-consuming.

Here’s where hiring professionals comes in:

• Video production: Talented videographers can bring your vision to life, crafting a compelling ad that resonates with your target audience.

• Campaign management: Marketing agencies specialize in managing YouTube ad campaigns. They can handle everything from ad creation and placement to budget optimization and performance tracking, freeing you to focus on running your business.

The choice is yours

Whether you choose to tackle ad creation yourself or partner with professionals, YouTube ads offer a powerful way to connect with potential customers and grow your business. It’s like having a permanent booth at a bustling marketplace, waiting to be discovered by potential customers.

There’s no way to cover everything in a single column so if you have questions you need answers to right away please call or email me! I answer every email and return every call! Reach me at [email protected] or 570-702-4991.

Jonathan Edwards is the owner of Diamond City Studios. Reach him at [email protected].

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