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AI and ads, Google’s two favorite things, take targeted marketing to creepy new heights

Summary Google is leveraging AI to revolutionize advertising, pointing marketers towards its tools for ideating and even creating ads. The company revealed it had recently created thousands of unique Pixel…

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TikTok brings Digital Avatars and AI Dubbing to its Symphony platform

It’s time to celebrate the incredible women leading the way in AI! Nominate your inspiring leaders for VentureBeat’s Women in AI Awards today before June 18. Learn More TikTok is…

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The Competitive Edge Retailers Can’t Ignore

Artificial intelligence adoption is no longer a question of “if.” The debate on whether AI will add value is over — yes, AI brings value, lots of value. We can…

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How B2C marketers can tap into fresh marketing insights with generative AI

How B2C marketers can tap into fresh marketing insights with generative AI If you are a B2C marketer or brand manager, learning what gen AI can do is a crucial…

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The Automated Future of Marketing: AI and ML Take the Reins

Share Tweet Share Share Email The world of marketing is in a state of transformation. Once considered a purely creative domain, the profession has evolved to encompass a unique blend…

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How to Use AI Innovations to Improve Your Marketing Strategy

AI is becoming increasingly fast in applying its functions and expanding its capabilities, which today can be applied in almost all jobs, including in the development of a quality marketing…

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