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Pathlight rebrands as Echo AI and debuts new marketing automation features

Customer engagement startup Pathlight today rebranded as Echo AI and introduced new features for its flagship software platform. The company, which is incorporated as TTSF Inc., is backed by $35…

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Taylor Swift is not the first victim of AI: Decoding the deepfake dilemma

When sexually explicit deepfakes of Taylor Swift went viral on X (formerly known as Twitter), millions of her fans came together to bury the AI images with “Protect Taylor Swift”…

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How AI-driven data mastery empowering business operations – Digital Transformation News

By Supratik Shankar In today’s data-driven business landscape, the symphony of insight and efficiency arises from structured harmony. As an Analytics Leader, your role orchestrates the transformation of disjointed data…

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AI Is Here to Stay. What Are Its Promises? What Are the Threats? – Oregon Business

Image: Open AI, Jason E. Kaplan and Joan McGuire This image was generated by Open AI’s DALL-E 3 program, using a photograph taken by staff photographer Jason E. Kaplan as…

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How Creators of AI Influencers Make Money and Get Followers

Aika Kittie is a self-described “digital dream girl” who posts racy content. If you scroll through her Instagram profile, you’ll find photos of her in bikinis and lingerie at the…

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7 Ways Marketers Should Be Using Generative AI Now

7 Ways Marketers Should be Using Generative AI Now Adobe Stock Marketing is all about engaging customers with compelling content – delivering thoughtful, inspiring messages that help to create a…

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