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Influencer Marketing For Tech Brands in Dubai

Is influencer marketing for tech brands in Dubai an effective tool? Curious to discover! Let’s start the discussion.

Currently, Dubai’s innovative and hi-tech market is in the spotlight. This spotlight’s strength is due in large part to the strategic utilization of influencer marketing.

Since traditional advertising methods have become outdated in terms of effectiveness, Dubai’s business sectors are swiftly turning towards influencer marketing. A big reason for this is customer preference.

According to a new analysis of Economics Times, the Middle Eastern influencer industry is rapidly rising and is predicted to reach $1.3 billion by 2023 because more than 75% of UAE consumers like watching influencer-based videos. These social media artists educate about the products or services, which boosts the brand’s sales. How? Understand Samsung’s example.

To promote the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra, the brand took the help of top celebrities and social media to explain the features and benefits of the product. The brand utilized the same technique with its Galaxy Note 20 Ultra campaign, #WFN. The campaign proved to be a good initiative in product promotion. Along with Samsung, brands like Apple and One Plus, joined the UAE market with strategies like influencer marketing.

Hence, it proves that influencer marketing for tech brands in Dubai is a practical tool.

For result-oriented tech influencer marketing, join the best influencer marketing agency in Dubai, like Grynow, because the agency has a pool of over 300+ million influencers whose expertise provides confidence in compiling content, while the agency’s more than 8+ years of experience, confirms sales drives results.

Learn in detail why influencer marketing is beneficial for tech brands.

Why Influencer Marketing For Tech Brands?

Influencer marketing is foremost for tech brands, as they need a credible voice to share product quality globally. Influencers express their nuanced views on tech products so that tech enthusiasts get accurate information on the products. Brands strengthen their visibility and connect with their target audience. with this active strategy. In this scenario, influencer marketing for tech brands is essential. Here is a detailed description:

Building Trust in Tech Promotions:

Building trust in tech brands is challenging. But not anymore. Today, the best Influencer marketing agency in Dubai assures to increase the credibility and trust of the brand. The agency selects the best tech influencers who are well-versed in the tech domain. Their recommendations and knowledge of tech products seem trustworthy to tech enthusiasts. It increases the credibility of the promoted tech products.

Tech Influencers as Educational Guides:

Tech products always present complex features and functionalities. It can create confusion among customers, making it difficult to ascertain the actual value of tech products. Here, influencer marketing for tech companies proves helpful. Influencers simplify complex tech product terms with engaging and educational content. Influencers offer their valuable understanding through unboxing videos, tutorials, or reviews. It enhances consumers’ knowledge of tech products.

Bringing Humanity To Tech Brands:

Tech brands humanize their images by associating products with relatable influencers. Marketers partner with an influencer marketing agency in UAE as Influencers present tech products in a relatable and accessible manner. It creates a genuine connection with their audience. Brands restore emotional connection with consumers, making the tech more approachable and boosting the brand image with these videos.

Market Insights:

Tech influencers are constantly updated with the latest industry trends, based on which it becomes easier to engage the target audience with the brand by creating videos. An influencer marketing agency in Dubai is not limited to just creating campaigns for the brand, but with the help of the best influencers, it strengthens the brand’s position in the competitive market of Dubai. Influencers provide brands with exposure and share their understanding of consumer preferences, industry shifts, and emerging technologies.

Impact of Influencer Marketing Campaigns For Tech Brand:

Influencer marketing for tech companies is significant in many ways as highlighted above. The importance of influencer marketing cannot be underestimated, whether it is about brand visibility or increasing sales. Let us understand and explore the function and impact of influencer marketing through the best technology influencer marketing campaigns.

 Case Study 1: Microsoft promoted Surface devices by collaborating with veteran personalities from the tech industry. Microsoft utilized its expertise and genuine passion in the product line. The influencer marketing campaign for tech brand gained significant traction and a heightened level of credibility for Surface devices due to the endorsement and authentic engagement of influencers.

 Case Study 2: Salesforce partnered with influencers in the digital marketing domain, like Neil Patel, to introduce Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software. Because of Patel’s extensive expertise and substantial audience reach, Salesforce was successful in achieving its multiple objectives. The awareness of Salesforce increased, and the awareness of CRM software reached the target audience with this collaboration.


Influencer marketing for tech brands in Dubai is proving to be a practical and result-oriented approach. A big reason behind this fact is the increasing trend of Dubai customers towards influencer-based videos, which on one hand simplifies the difficult terms of the tech industry. On the other hand, it influences their purchasing decisions.

Today, many global tech brands choose the option of influencer marketing to strengthen their roots in the hi-tech marketplace of Dubai. They get support from the best influencer marketing agency in Dubai, whose experience and excellence guarantee the best results.


Connect today with Grynow, which is considered the best influencer marketing agency for tech brands.

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