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Customizing Your Jewelry Marketing For The Next Generation

THE WAY PEOPLE shop for jewelry has changed. The Baby Boomer generation is getting older and people who used to be your main customers, are simply aging out. Taking their place are the new generation, namely Millennials and Generation Z, who now have the spending power.

To stay relevant and attract these customers, your jewelry store needs to revamp its marketing strategy. It’s the only way to increase your visibility and get noticed. Here are actionable steps you can take now to tailor your marketing approach to reach this new audience.

Understand That They Value Personal Experiences

Your marketing efforts should go beyond simply showcasing your jewelry. Instead, focus on creating experiences that resonate with Millennials and Generation Z.

You could host in-store ear piercing events which cater to this generation’s desire for a unique and fun experience with friends. Or, offer “build-your-own-charm” bracelets where customers can personalize charms to commemorate their life milestones, allowing them to express themselves and share their life’s journey. You could also give your trunk shows a charitable touch and pair it with a fundraising event to give-back to your community, while showing off your new collections.

The more personal and unique you can make your event, the better. Make it fun and memorable for everyone and it’s a win win!
Ethical sourcing and sustainability matter.


Transparency is key to younger consumers. Highlight any jewelry organizations you belong to or industry certifications that your jewelry comes with. You want to clearly communicate your commitment to ethical gold and gemstone sourcing and fair trade practices on your website and in-store signage.

Also, by offering pre-owned and vintage pieces, you cater to the environmentally conscious customer who wants to shop sustainable options, instead of for newer jewelry pieces. You broaden your appeal as well as make your store a destination point for “something different”. Even old styles can become new again!

Share Authentic Stories Behind Your Jewelry

People don’t just want to buy “products”, they want to know where their jewelry comes from. Contact your jewelry suppliers and ask them for any creation videos that they have. Many do and will let you use them to highlight one of their collections.

You can also help promote your custom design service by creating captivating videos of the artisans who craft your jewelry, highlighting their skills and passion for the design process. People love to get a sneak-peak and see behind-the-scenes.

As part of sharing stories, you can feature customer testimonials about how your jewelry has played a role in their special moments and what it’s meant to them and their family. Don’t worry if your videos aren’t polished. The more real and authentic you can make them, the better they work. Warts and all!


Personalize the Shopping Experience

Go beyond standard marketing efforts to fully understand your jewelry customer’s browsing behavior. Dig deep into your Google Analytics and see which pages people land on and how they interact with your site. Which jewelry styles are most popular and which are not seen much at all? Use this information to customize your website and steer people in the direction you want them to go on your site. Remember, if a certain style or collection you want to promote isn’t being seen on your website, it doesn’t exist.

As you improve your website, you’ll also want to offer live chat support on to answer customer questions and provide personalized recommendations in real-time. Many customers (especially younger ones) don’t want to walk into a jewelry store or talk on the phone. But, they’re very comfortable speaking through live chat and even buying something.

Your CRM system is also another treasure trove you can use to personalize the shopping experience to recommend complementary pieces based on your customer’s past purchases. Go through your past 3 years of sales and see who buys from you again and again. Implement a loyalty program that rewards repeat customers with birthday discounts, exclusive access to pre-sales, or early launches of new collections. People like to buy from people they know, or better yet, who KNOW them. By building a profile of each customer, you can give them the personalize service they deserve.

Partner with Influencers and Create User-Generated Content

To stay relevant and in-front of Millenials an Generation Z, you need to be where they are. Partner with micro-influencers on Instagram and TikTok who align with your jewelry store’s brand and target audience. Collaborate with them to create trendy styling tutorials or challenges featuring your jewelry.


You can also host contests where users share photos of themselves wearing their favorite jewelry using a specific hashtag, encouraging them to share their best tips.

This is how you go beyond simple static posts and create user-generated content that’s interactive and helps raise your store’s brand awareness. Not to mention, it’s more fun!

Use Live Shopping Events to Generate Excitement

Create buzz and grow your sales by using Instagram or TikTok to host live shopping events featuring local stylists or experts in your jewelry store who can answer questions in real-time, creating an interactive experience on your social channels.
By offering exclusive discounts or promotions during these live events you make people feel special for attending because they get an inside deal only good during this time. This incentivizes them to make a purchase or miss out. It also makes them want to tune-in to your next live shopping event to see what deals you’ll have next!

Live shopping events are the hottest new thing and not many jewelers are using them. Why not you?

Embrace Short-Form Content

To counter longer videos and dwindling attention spans, you’ll want to try short-form content. Create short eye-catching TikTok or Instagram videos which are about 30 seconds in-length and at least under a minute, featuring the unique details and beauty of your jewelry pieces. You can share tips on how to pair jewelry, upcoming new collections, or brief customer stories. Content which are all easy to watch and people don’t have to invest a lot of time in, but your message still gets across.

The goal is to stop people as they scroll through their feed and grab their attention, if only for a moment. Surprisingly, short-form content can sometimes be even more effective than a longer, highly-produced production because people actually watch the whole thing! Try both and see if there’s a difference.

In summary, to win in the jewelry business you have to evolve. It’s all about catering to the next generation of Millennial and Generation Z customers. By implementing these tips, you can create a personalized marketing strategy that resonates with their values, prioritizes personal experiences, and creates excitement around your jewelry store. When you embrace change and stay ahead of the curve you’ll have a thriving jewelry store that not only succeeds but connects with the next generation of passionate jewelry lovers.

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