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Lo and Behold! ChatGPT has another new competitor and by the looks of it, it seems like it will be a tough one. Yes, we are talking about Grok AI developed by Elon Musk’s xAI. If you think it is just another AI-powered chatbot to answer your queries then you are in for a big surprise. Wondering what is Grok AI? Hold your breath, as we unfold everything that you want to know and more about this newbie in the AI town.

What is grok AI How it works

What is Grok AI? How Does Grok Work?

Grok AI is a conversational tool like ChatGPT based on large language models (LLMs) but with quite a few differences. Advertised as witty, rebellious, and especially anti-woke, Grok is built to answer any and every question that is asked.

Grok has direct access to X. According to xAI, Grok works on the Grok-1 LLM which was trained over 4 months, based on its prototype Grok-0 with 33 billion parameters.  It has proven its mettle by surpassing multiple benchmarks like MMLU, GSM8k, MATH, and HumanEval. It was trained using an interference stack of programming language that combines Rust, Kubernetes, and JAX.

It is a self-improving AI that can remember past interactions and also adapt to new conversation patterns faster, which tunes its ability to improve conversational skills over time. All you need is to sign up and use it.

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What Can Grok Do?

Although all chatbots answer questions that you ask them, there are still certain restrictions to it. There are some questions that chatbots refuse to answer. Grok is different in this case, no matter what question you ask, you will get an honest answer for it.

Having a conversation with Grok is like having a conversation with a human with a personality. Not only do you get answers to the current question in the most honest way possible, but Grok also remembers what you said earlier in the conversation and replies as per that.

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What are the Unique Features of Grok AI?

Grok by XAI has some unique features to offer to the X premium+ users. Below are some of the most unique features that you can find in Grok:

  • Provides Customized User Experience – Grok is an AI chatbot that engages with users in real time. This means that you are not going to get standard answers to your questions. The answers you get are based on your past conversations, preferences, interactions, etc.
  • No NSFW Filter – Where other AI point-blank refuse to answer sensitive questions or questions that are considered NSFW (Not Safe For Work). Grok answers such questions without hesitation.
  • Language Processing – With Grok, you don’t need to be grammatically correct. You can choose to question Grok in whichever way you are comfortable. Be it slang, or regional synonyms, Grok understands and answers without a glitch.
  • Updated Information – Grok is backed up by X’s real-time data. Since the two platforms are integrated, the information that you receive in the form of answers is quite reliable.
  • The Human Touch – You are never going to get a bland response from Grok. The statements are not only sarcastic but also humorous if you do not mind edgy conversations.

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What are the Modes of Grok AI?

As per the current updates, Grok works in two modes which are listed below:

  • Regular Mode – Which answers questions in regular form like other chatbots in an informative manner.
  • Fun Mode – In this mode, Grok is going to be sarcastic, and witty while answering your question.

What is the Grok AI Subscription Plan?

Yes, the ultimate truth is that Grok can be accessed only via subscription for X Premium+ members. You can go for the Grok AI monthly subscription plan for $16/month.

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What are the Challenges for Grok?

There are many benefits of using Grok AI, but there are a few challenges as well observed in the initial stages such as:

  • Some prompts can lead to sensitive or illegal content being produced.
  • Can transpire misinformation due to its integration for content with X Platform.
  • The sarcastic side can come through as offensive.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. What Does Grok AI Stand For?

Ans. The literal translation of Grok is to read the room or to empathize deeply.

Q2. Why is it Called Grok AI?

Ans. The AI bot is called Grok as this name was picked from the 1961 Sci-fi novel called A Stranger In A Strange Land.

Q3. Is Grok Uncensored?

Ans. Yes, mostly Grok seems to be uncensored as it answers controversial questions as well. However, it has been said that there will be a few limitations for Grok too.

Q4. How Accurate is Grok? Is Access To Grok Limited?

Ans. Having passed all the benchmarks, it is safe to say that Grok is quite accurate. Yes, the access to Grok is limited. One can join the waitlist. The waitlist too is limited to only X Premium+ members.

Q5. Did Grok AI Roast Elon Musk?

Ans. Yes, when a user asked Grok to roast Elon Musk, it did so by calling out Elon Musk and his obsession with X, his space program Space X, and how he lacks self-awareness amongst other snarky remarks.

Grok AI does bring a new perspective to the whole ChatBot scenario. With features that are not yet in the current ones, it makes its mark by being unapologetic and honest. Though it is in the initial stages, it sure makes us wonder what more we are getting in the future. We will be back with more information about it very soon, so stay tuned to TechCult.

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