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Video Marketing for Local Businesses: A Weekly Guide: Customer video testimonials 101

A customer video testimonial is yet another open-secret in marketing that can have a major impact on your business. They can be used on TV, on your website, on social media and anywhere you can place videos. You should be adding at least one customer testimonial every month to your content calendar.

(Note: Go to the Times Leader website and search “video marketing: content calendar” if you don’t have one yet.)

Customer testimonials are reviews: on steroids. They can make a huge impact on potential customers buying decisions. They boost credibility and build trust by demonstrating to people that “someone just like me” has found value in what you are offering. If done right they can make an incredibly positive impact on your business.

So how do you make a customer video testimonial?

Well, “If done right” is an important qualifier. A great testimonial video should feel genuine and unscripted. It should have real stories from real people, not just blind praise glued to a sales pitch. The video should show someone giving an example of a problem they had that your product or service solved.

Real emotions over scripts

Authenticity is important. Not only can scripted and rehearsed testimonials feel inauthentic, but they often have the effect of turning people off. Emotions, pauses and even the occasional stumble over a word can lend credibility and relatability. People can tell when emotions are genuine and when they’re not. So while you should guide your subject with questions or topics, keep in mind they should be telling the story in their own words.

Asking customers to be on video

A few weeks ago I spoke to Joe Foley, a co-owner of Name Brand Liquidations about doing a series of short customer testimonials and he asked me “who’s going to want to talk about us on camera?.” I responded by posting an open invite on my 570 Drone page and he was shocked to find out just how many people volunteered to get in front of the camera and tell everyone how much they loved Name Brand Liquidations! A week later the videos were complete.

Getting people to give a video testimonial might not always be as easy as making a post on social media, but it’s not extremely hard either. To get started you’re going to want to identify your most satisfied customers. The people who’ve expressed their satisfaction through reviews, surveys or direct feedback. They are going to be way more likely to share their story.

When you ask them to be involved, make it personal. Contact them directly, explaining why you think their story could be valuable and inspiring to others. Explain that their testimonial can help people who are facing similar challenges and decisions. You may even want to offer an incentive, or a small token of appreciation to sweeten the deal. A discount on a future purchase, an upgrade, or maybe even a gift card to their favorite restaurant.

Importantly, have a plan in place. If you’re going to ask someone to do a video testimonial, be ready with a time and place for them to do it. You can shoot in your business or (shameless plug alert!!) you can rent a local studio like Diamond City Studios where you’ll have plenty of parking, professional lighting, a lounge, hair and makeup room and everything you need to make a great video. If you want to take it further and get the most professional results you can hire me to do all of the shooting and editing for you right here in-studio!

I could write page after page on this topic, but since I’m over the word count limit for this column (sorry Kerry!) I want you to email me with any questions you have! I answer every email. Reach me at [email protected]


Identify 5 people you think will make great candidates for customer video testimonials.

Schedule a time and place to shoot customer testimonials.

Optional: hire someone to shoot and edit the videos.

Write down a few questions you would like them to answer.

Jonathan Edwards is the owner of Diamond City Studios. Reach him at [email protected].

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