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Software as a service (SaaS) company is launching its innovative AI-powered form builder, allowing users to create business forms with the assistance of AI. The new AI tools empower marketing and sales teams to develop impactful digital customer interactions.

Struggling to create and incorporate forms is a problem of the past for businesses using the AI-powered form builder from With the first software of its kind in the world, lets marketing and sales teams leverage AI to automatically create, personalize, and analyze forms for their websites and web apps in three simple steps. 

“We use AI to drastically simplify the creation of complex, multi-step forms,” said CEO Vlad Gozman. “Our tool helps marketing and sales teams across industries to create conversion-optimized forms for data collection throughout the entire customer journey, from lead generation and qualification to onboarding and measuring customer satisfaction.”

As a prime example of an innovative implementation of generative AI within a functioning product, the company utilizes AI-powered process automation at crucial stages of the creation procedure. This strategy expands options for users and allows them to incorporate new features into a business’s online presence. 

Three Steps to Success

With, users can create and implement customized AI-powered forms with no knowledge of coding or technical expertise. Explore how easy it can be to add unique forms to a website with tools from


Kickstart the form-building journey by entering a website’s URL and outlining the desired form, survey, or quiz specifications. The AI-powered tool will blend branding elements like colors, logo, and font from the source website, then generate questions and answers based on custom use cases from prompts and company information.


After creating the base form, users can easily edit it to fit their needs with a drag-and-drop builder. This tool also allows for the addition of custom pages and content elements. The company offers an AI-generated text element within forms that enables personalized responses based on every user’s input, which enhances the overall user experience. 


The AI Insights feature at lets users examine thousands of qualitative form responses and generate comprehensive reports containing summaries, key findings, and recommendations. This feature can analyze over 12,000 customer feedback responses in under two minutes, automating tedious data labeling and number crunching.

Simplifying a Previously Complicated Process

Building multi-step forms used to be a complicated process involving in-depth coding and numerous delicate steps. With, that procedure is streamlined. The software is the perfect addition to marketing and sales teams, as well as business operators. It supports enhanced user interactions on websites and web apps, providing exceptional value to businesses and their customers.

“We’re buzzing with excitement here at,” Gozman said. “Our AI-powered form builder automates processes that used to take hours of coding, designing, implementation, and analysis. Simply write a short prompt, and you’ll have the survey, form, or quiz that precisely matches your brand identity.”

Try the Tool for Free

Users can try out the free AI features on the website without registering an account and create forms from scratch or start their journey with ready-made templates. The company remains dedicated to its mission of simplifying online interactions and making dynamic content creation accessible to a broader audience. Over 3,000 businesses worldwide use daily to boost user engagement and conversion rates.

“We’re bullish on the transformative power of generative AI and will continue to expand our AI capabilities throughout the year,” Gozman said.

Multiple Tools for Customer Data Collection’s platform offers numerous options for creating visually appealing multi-step forms, quizzes, surveys, and calculators. From AI-generated user feedback, logic jumps, and answer piping to hidden fields, individual scoring, custom calculations, outcome logic, and pop-ups or embeds, has all the tools small and medium-sized businesses need to design and implement online forms. 

How Supports Businesses

The impending launch of’s AI-powered form tools enrich the company’s services for supporting businesses in their digital efforts around: 

— Lead generation and qualification
— Inbound sales automation
— New user onboarding
— Customer feedback collection


Visit the website to learn more about its AI-powered form builder, and join the company’s AI Lead Funnel Hub on Discord to connect directly. 

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