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Launching with 1,500+ Early Access Subscribers, Superintelligent Brings Hyper Practical and Accessible AI Education to Everyone

NEW YORK, April 10, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Superintelligent today announced the public launch of its platform that teaches anyone to use artificial intelligence for work and fun. With over 50+ new video lessons uploaded weekly, Superintelligent is empowering people to not only survive but thrive in an AI-dominated world by offering the fastest-growing library of practical tutorials and how-to guides. Supported by a vibrant online community of over 1,500+ early access members, Superintelligent is providing the simplest and fastest way to use AI in your personal and professional life.

Superintelligent Logo

Superintelligent Logo

Superintelligent takes a different approach to teaching people how to use AI tools. Instead of lengthy (and quickly out-of-date) courses, learning is organized around short, 3-7 minute tutorials and companion how-to’s that provide step-by-step instructions to help people learn by actually using the most important AI tools.

The need for a resource like Superintelligent is clear. There are 100 million weekly active users on ChatGPT, and the IMF estimates that 60% of the US workforce will be impacted by AI. According to a recent edX survey, executives believe nearly 50% of the skills that exist in today’s workforce won’t be relevant just two years from now because of AI. The combination of massive interest in the technology, urgent relevance for professionals, and lack of experience actually using these tools creates an unprecedented opportunity for practical and accessible education.

“AI could be a force for incredibly positive economic and personal empowerment and change, or it could be massively disruptive on a societal scale like we’ve never seen. The direction it goes hinges largely on our ability to give individuals the learning resources they need to adapt to our new reality,” said CEO Nathaniel Whittemore.

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As part of their public launch, Superintelligent is also announcing a $2M pre-seed round from Learn Capital, the world’s leading education technology and human capital-focused venture capital firm.

“For more than a decade, Learn has been investing at the frontier of how people learn and work, and that mission and expertise has never been more vital than it is now when it comes to AI,” said Whittemore.

Rob Hutter, Founder and Managing Partner at Learn Capital wrote: “The AI revolution has tantalized us all with the promise of democratizing knowledge worker skills that used to require years if not decades of experience. Superintelligent was founded by the tireless and enormously talented Nathaniel Whittemore, who is among other things the top AI podcaster on Spotify. He is bringing a huge spectrum of the most exciting AI tools and capabilities into one community platform where any of us can go hands-on to explore and unleash the power of AI for a wide range of tasks across creative, marketing, business, and personal projects–and then share them socially.”

About Superintelligent
Superintelligent is a platform that can teach anyone to use artificial intelligence for work and fun through practical videos and hands-on tutorials. Since going live in beta in December 2023, Superintelligent has attracted over 1,500+ paying subscribers. With 50+ new tutorials uploaded every week, Superintelligent is providing the simplest and fastest way to use AI in your personal and professional life.

About Nathaniel Whittemore
Founder and CEO of Superintelligent Nathaniel Whittemore is passionate about democratizing emerging technology. He has been a VC with Learn Capital, was on the founding team of, and initiated an education innovation program at his alma mater Northwestern University that helped inspire the largest donation in the school’s history. Whittemore is also the host of The Breakdown and The AI Breakdown – two of the biggest podcasts in the tech space. Now he is on a mission to bring practical and accessible AI education to everyone through Superintelligent.

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